L.A. Roach began her genealogy journey over a decade ago when she fell in love with ancestral research. In 2012 she submitted her first DNA test to Ancestry.com and began the process of self-education in the new genealogy tool of analyzing DNA results.

When she was contacted in 2016 by a distant to DNA relative asking for help in identify her cousin's questionable parentage, a passion for genetic genealogy was born. Since her first case, Ms. Roach has become a DNA Search Angel, solved numerous NPEs (non-parental or non-paternal events) as well as located unknown ancestors and relatives hiding behind names changes and assumed identities.

The "Family Search Angel" blog features often strange and tangled stories uncovered when long-buried family secrets make themselves known through genetic genealogy. Told through the eyes of a family genealogist, this website's purpose is to enlighten the public about the search for answers by NPEs and to encourage others to pursue a similar path in helping adoptees find closure.

Ms. Roach is an avid blogger, graphic artist, and genealogist. She loves to read, travel and visit other cultures. Her interests include: archeology, fine art, historical fiction, and photography.


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